Minggu, 08 September 2013

New teaser for the Sony Xperia Z1 gives us a good look at the device

The Xperia Z1 has got everyone abuzz. But it seems that the new thing to do these days is completely leak your device before you even launch it. Sony’s getting in on the party with its upcoming flagship, the Xperia Z1, that’s been leaked numerous times under the codename Honami. In this latest treat from Sony, we get a teaser video for the device that shows off almost the entire phone.
Some things are highlighted in the video, such as the 20MP camera with a Sony G lens and circular power button on the side. Another thing of note is that the phone has a dedicated camera button. Anybody who regularly takes pictures with their phone should be happy. We all know the pain of trying to comfortably hold your phone while reaching over to the on-screen power button.
Looking at the design of the phone, it appears that the glass back is sticking around for good, so hopefully it’s pretty strong to withstand the drops and scuffs of daily life. Seeing as the phone is submerged in water at one point, it appears the Xperia Z1 will be waterproof like its predecessor from last year, the Xperia Z. We’re hoping that the Xperia Z1 doesn’t have some of the flaws that came with waterproofing the Xperia Z from last year. Anybody remember that screen protector that made the display all ugly-like?
While I can’t speak for you, I know that I’m personally pretty excited for the Xperia Z1. The camera is mainly what excites me because I already shoot with Sony cameras and know what they can do. And with Windows Phone’s Lumia 1020, it does my heart good to see some of the Android manufacturers are having to step up their camera game.
Does the Xperia Z1 interest you? If so, what aspect of it is your favorite?

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